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Featuring Cyber Security, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning & Blockchain.  Our sell-out Cyber Events bring both the private and public sector together to prepare the pathway to their Future Business!

Part of the Cyber Manners Group that provides, Cyber Security Services across Phishing, Penetration & Vunerability Testing.

Business and Private Reputation Cover and Repair. Staff & youth Security Training.

Child Cyber Psychology & advisory service.

Media Services, Best in Class Speakers for Cyber Conferences, Script Writing, Video & Presentation Services, Event Management, Press & PR Coverage, Online Media Exposure and Expertise with a Google Partner.


Reputation Management, Protection & Repair

Reputation Repair – Managing Reputations – Protecting Reputations

Cyber Manners are pleased to offer selective clients Reputation Management Services with continuous monitoring and immediate Online Repair to protect business and personal reputations.  Cyber Manners works for you to manage your reputation whether locally or globally, you will be working with a talented team across the press, PR, writers, techies, legal, creatives, social media experts and cyber security professionals.

The management of your digital footprint is a fundamental factor in your reputation and it reaches across online press/media to social media, videos, reviews, blogs, news and a host of platforms that need to be monitored and controlled, or repaired!


Bespoke Vulnerability Assessments, Blue team & Red Team Penetration Testing

Vulnerability assessments and advanced Red Team or Blue Team bespoke Penetration testing specific to your business with a complete coverage of your business activities, requirements and contingencys to ensure your business drives into the future.

Red Team

Blue Team



Our team specialises in understanding the Psychology of Cyber Space.  32 Billion people now have online access.  We can help you  increase your awareness and control those emotions, responses & behaviours and loss of consciousness experienced in Cyber Space and to avoid the online disinhibition effect.



We are able to offer general expert advice or professional counselling sessions for your child who may have been affected by or experiencing cyber bullying, internet/gaming addiction, inappropriate p2p sharing/sexting and identity theft.

Cyber Manners provide tools for keeping your child safe online, information on the dangers of internet use and how to control and mitigate these risks occurring in the cyber world within your household hub.

Cyber Manners provides key guidance on setting the boundaries for your kids tech use and advice on promoting some digital detox in your household.

We are experienced in Cyber Psychology for children of all ages.  Find out about Cyber V Child behaviour, damaging effects of the Cyber World V parental duty of care from birth, online behaviour theory V child development risks, Cyber Space risks including Predators & Wolf packs, Online Statistics & Online safety tips

Cyber Manners promotes the understanding and effecting of :-

  • Parental controls / Increasing security with internet provider & computer software
  • Parameters/time restraints of tablets & internet use – balancing act with other activities
  • Increasing awareness of risks & dangers with your child
  • Demonstrating to your children examples of spam, phishing emails


Following excellent feedback from our clients Cyber Manners   have created the new iniative ‘Cyber Cadets’  kids awareness programmes & online watch scheme, to be launched in Sotogrande & Gibraltar this November.

To find out more regarding these psychology services and iniatives contact us.


Cyber Security Expert Training Programmes



We are delighted to now offer extended media services from specialist management of cyber events, see here, best in Class Speakers for Cyber Conferences, Script Writing, Video & Presentation Services, Event Management, Press & PR Coverage, Online Media Exposure and Expertise with a Google Partner.